Health Is:

Does health mean fitting into your jeans from high school? Does it mean having the energy to coach your son’s soccer team? Does it mean no longer having to take medication? Does it mean having more self-confidence?

Certainly “health” can be defined in many ways. Here at BodSchool, we are curious to hear your definitions.

From August 11 until 11:59 PM (CST) on Sunday, August 21, we are looking for your answer to the question: How do you define “health”? The catch? You have to answer in 10 words or fewer.

On Monday, August 22, all submissions will be posted here on the BodSchool blog and subjected to a vote. The top three answers (based on percentage) will win the following Tuition Waivers:

1st Place: 3 free BodSchool classes* or 20% off tuition (September class or FlexPass)
2nd Place: 2 free BodSchool classes* or 15% off tuition (September class or FlexPass)
3rd Place: 1 free BodSchool class* or 10% off tuition (September class or FlexPass)
*Valid only through the month of September

You can enter in the comments below, through Twitter, or on our Facebook page. Get creative and tell us what health means to you!

13 thoughts on “Health Is:

  1. Personslly, I think health is a little bit of everything mentioned. Mostly to me, health means looking like I did before I had our one year old daughter. I was 16 lbs lighter, but still out of shape. I could fit in a size 6 with room to spare.

    Did you notice I said, “but I was still out of shape”? Sure, looking like you did before you gained some weight is one thing, but feeling good is another matter. I think being healthy and having good health mean feeling your best. Healthy mind, body and spirit. When your mind is in sync with your body, and it is clear and happy, it shouldn’t matter if you can fit in a size 6 pants. In an ideal situation, you are working your body and your mind to get the prefect workout. You might be loosing weight, but most importantly, you are maintaining your mind, body and spirt to think clearly and be happy.

  2. Since I failed this exercise already, here is the resubmitted version:

    Body, mind and spirit, pushed to get the prefect workout.

  3. Health is being able to go on a hike with your dog while wearing your child in the front pack! Health is feeling good about what you are on the outside as well as in the inside

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