Health Is: Vote Now!

Over the past ten days, we’ve been asking for your creative definitions of “health.”
Now it’s time to VOTE!

The top three answers (based on percentage) will win the following Tuition Waivers:
1st Place:
3 free BodSchool classes* or 20% off tuition (September class or FlexPass)
2nd Place: 2 free BodSchool classes* or 15% off tuition (September class or FlexPass)
3rd Place: 1 free BodSchool class* or 10% off tuition (September class or FlexPass)
*Valid only during the month of September

Voting ends Friday, August 26th at midnight (CST). Winner will be announced Saturday morning, August 27th. Good luck, participants!!

Here are the responses we received:
Your body being at one with itself, and you smile.
Body, mind and spirit, pushed to get the prefect workout.
Health: having energy to play with my daughter after work.
Ability to keep up with my life and feel good!
Maintaining the same level of energy as my 7 kids.
Health is being able to go on a hike with your dog while wearing your child in the front pack! Health is feeling good about what you are on the outside as well as in the inside.
Health is balance as a natural state of being, not as a rare occurrence.
Not punishment by deprivation but reward by strength and endorphins.
Having the energy and positivity to fulfill your Chazown!! (purpose in life)
Health is looking in the mirror and saying “Dang, I feel/look good!” 🙂
…a never ending battle of emotional will over physical weakness.
Amy: Health is your overall balance of fitness, nutrition, spirituality, and well being.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

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