BodSchool Spotlight: Jessica M.

Here at BodSchool, we realize that accountability is instrumental to improving your health. It’s much easier to eat well and complete your workouts when you know someone is expecting a good report from you.

Accountability can’t happen without an established relationship. A friendship in which you’ve invested time and energy.

BodSchool isn’t just a workout, it’s a community. And it’s for people from all walks of life. People just like you! Each month, we will be spotlighting some of our members here on the blog so you can get to know them and cheer them on as they progress towards their goals. Get in touch with today’s Spotlight student and the rest of the Bods on our Facebook page.

Please help welcome Jessica M. to the Spotlight!

Name: Jessica M.
City, State: Kearney, NE (Jessica is a member of our eClass)

Tell us about your family and/or friends: I have a husband, Tom, and an eight-month-old baby girl.

What motivated you to join BodSchool? Seeing Abbi’s fab real results from her hard work and knowing that a six pack is possible after a baby!

What are some of your goals for this month with BodSchool? Gain some strength! Feel healthier!

What’s your favorite thing about BodSchool? The unique workouts keep it exciting and interesting! And I can listen to CMT while I do it instead of watching a workout DVD!

What’s your favorite strength training move? Triple Crush

What are your hobbies? Playing with [my daughter] Kiptyn!

What’s your biggest motivation to get healthier/fitter? I want to be a good example for my daughter!

Name one long-term fitness goal: Run a 5k

What’s your biggest food temptation? Fast food and alcohol. I’m always in a hurry and it seems we always have company or a function to go to.

What’s your favorite healthy snack? Cottage chees

Name one item of clothing you’re dying to wear: A bikini

Jessica: You are one tough mama! Keep up the great work…babies notice more than we realize and your daughter is blessed to have you as the main female role model in her life!

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

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