BodSchool Spotlight: Sandra B.

Here at BodSchool, we realize that accountability is instrumental to improving your health. It’s much easier to eat well and complete your workouts when you know someone is expecting a good report from you.

Accountability can’t happen without an established relationship. A friendship in which you’ve invested time and energy.

BodSchool isn’t just a workout, it’s a community. And it’s for people from all walks of life. People just like you! Each month, we will be spotlighting some of our members here on the blog so you can get to know them and cheer them on as they progress towards their goals. Get in touch with today’s Spotlight student and the rest of the Bods on our Facebook page.

Please help welcome Sandra B. to the Spotlight!

Name: Sandra B.
City, State: Pawtucket, RI (Sandra is a member of our eClass)

Tell us about your family and/or friends: I have amazing family from Massachusetts who live only five minutes from me, and I’m the proud Auntie of 2 nephews and 1 niece who live in Baltimore with my sister and her husband. I miss my friends from Oklahoma!!

What motivated you to join BodSchool? I desired to become healthy in multiple aspects, not just go on a fad diet for the occasional event or vacation.

What are some of your goals for this month with BodSchool? I would like to lower my BMI, and improve my schedule by incorporating regular exercise and healthier eating.

What’s your favorite thing about BodSchool? So far, I love the accountability. I feel Abbi is great about e-mailing us every day with tips and encouragement. The workouts are hard, but I’m confident if I stick with it, I will see results. And the schedule for the online workouts are pretty flexible, so they will fit anyone’s schedule!

What’s your favorite cardio? I enjoy shadow boxing—I work out alone, so I can really get into it…Pretend I’m Rocky!

What’s your biggest motivation to get healthier/fitter? I really desire to just have more energy, and feel better about my health as a whole.

What new physical activity are you interested in trying? I’ve recently started mountain climbing and kayaking. But I would love to try a Zumba class!

Name one long-term fitness goal: It’s a long shot, but I would like to do a sprint triathlon!

What’s your biggest food temptation? Gummy Candy!!  Really, anything that is bad for you, I love!

What’s your favorite healthy snack? I love fruit–tropical fruit mostly. Mangoes!

What are your hobbies? Well, I run a youth department at my church, and spend most of my free time hanging out and playing some crazy games with my teens. I’m also going to grad school, so I don’t have a ton of times for hobbies.

Name one item of clothing you’re dying to wear: I would love to look better in sundresses; I think they are adorable. And now I have a whole year to work on it!

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