eClass is Here!

BodSchool is thrilled to announce our revolutionary online option: BodSchool eClass!

For just $70 a month, eClass offers the same life-changing benefits as traditional BodSchool, yet is accessible to people from all over the world. Participants will receive exercise routines via email 3 times a week and will be responsible for doing the workouts and reporting back to me once they have completed them.

Like our in-town sessions, eClass workouts will use minimal equipment and participants can decide where they exercise: at home, outside, or in a gym! eClass is perfect for people who need fresh ideas and encouragement to reach their wellness goals.

eClass students will be expected to send me weekly food/drink journals and their beginning and ending assessments and measurements. All training and support will be done via email, phone, the BodSchool blog, and Skype.

The workouts, accountability, support, and camaraderie unite people from various walks of life who are all after the same goal: improved health and fitness. And you can join them!

From now until Sunday, October 2, BodSchool eClass enrollment is open! Sign up here and be a part of the BodSchool revolution!

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

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