Doo Dah Dippity

Eating plenty of veggies every day can be challenging, so here’s an EASY, two-ingredient dip recipe that will help those “recommended servings” go down a bit easier WITHOUT blowing your calorie budget!

That’s right, I said TWO INGREDIENTS. All you need is a container of plain Greek yogurt (any brand will do) and a packet of Ranch dressing powder (I just use the regular dry Ranch powder, though you could probably use the “Dips” version also).

Just dump the entire container of yogurt into a bowl…

Add a couple teaspoons of Ranch powder…

…and STIR!

That’s IT! No muss, no fuss. And now you have a healthy alternative to fat-laden sour cream dips! The ENTIRE bowl of dip is just 140 calories, but I find that it makes enough to have 3-4 separate servings. Give this a try today!

Tell us…what’s your favorite veggie to dip?

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

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