Home Sweat Home

No, that isn’t a typo. We have a new home for the winter months so we can continue sweating it out at BodSchool!

We’ve spent the last few months working out on the west side of Mitch Park, and now that it’s getting cold, dark, and damp, we are moving indoors! Say hello to the MAC!

The MAC will be an ideal location for our winter workouts. The indoor facility has plenty of space for us to do our usual workouts (and some new challenges!) without worrying about inclement weather. And, since it’s in Mitch Park, the transition from outside to inside (and back outside in the spring) will be seamless!

All BodSchool classes will be at the MAC starting December 1st. Registration opens November 15th (that’s a week from today!), so be sure and get on our roster ASAP! (details here.)

While everyone else is packing on the holiday pounds and hibernating in their Snuggies, you will be at BodSchool, getting a jump-start on healthier living in 2012!

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

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