Why Weight Fluctuates

In general, we humans (women mostly, but men, too!) tend to fixate too much on what the scale says. We use that number to decide whether we are working out hard enough or if we can “afford” to have dessert. Sometimes we even go so far as to allow it to determine our self-worth!!

The only problem is that the scale is very fickle. It doesn’t paint an accurate picture. In fact, it isn’t even consistent throughout the course of a day! Don’t believe me? Weigh yourself every hour for a day. See how many different results you get.

So many {natural} factors cause our weight to fluctuate. Everything from a woman’s monthly cycle to how much sodium has been consumed, what time of day it is, how full the stomach is, how much muscle tissue has grown, how hydrated a person is, etc. Want some specifics? Read this and this and this.

Although BodSchool participants do step on the scale, it is only one tracker we use. Body measurements are taken at the beginning and end of each month so we can see how many inches have been lost.

Inches are more important anyway, as they indicate how much fat has been lost and how much lean muscle has been gained (did you know muscle weighs more? Just another way the scale can’t give us an accurate assessment of how healthy we are!)

We also do several monthly fit tests, including a timed plank hold and 1-minute push-up test to determine how much strength and stamina has been gained.

After all, isn’t health and fitness primarily about how we feel and what we have the energy and strength to do?!

Don’t let some silly scale discourage you from continuing to put in effort with your nutrition and exercise plans. There’s SO much more to you than that number, anyway!




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