Fast Women

This past weekend, several of the Bod Girls ran in the Dirty 30 Race. Before getting down and dirty, they stopped to take a pic in their new Racy Tanks!

There are still a handful of Racy tanks available in sizes S-XL. Your choice of red or turquoise. $15 for the tank, $5 for shipping if you don’t live in the OKC/Edmond area. Send us an email if you’d like one or two or a few!

Now that you’re dressing like a Bod Girl, you should join our class! June enrollment is open now! Sign up here!


Hot Mamas Run

BodSchool is proud to be a part of the 2012 Hot Mamas Run, Oklahoma’s first Women’s-Only 5k Race and Baby Parade!

The Hot Mamas Run & Baby Parade is designed to foster a spirit of health, happiness, confidence, and empowerment for local women and their families. Whether you are a 20-something gal trying to find your way in this world, a stay-at-home mom who often puts herself last, or a cancer-surviving grandmother, YOU ARE A HOT MAMA!! And the festivities exist to celebrate you!

Whether you run, walk, pull a wagon, push a stroller, or strut your stuff while baby-wearing, this event has it all and we want YOU to join us in making history!

Women everywhere are invited to become part of the Hot Mamas movement!! Grab your mother, daughters, girlfriends, sisters, cousins, aunts, neighbors, co-workers, everyone and join us for this ground-breaking event!

For more information, check out: (official website)
 (Facebook community page)

April Tuition Contest!

GORGEOUS weather is here, and BodSchool is headed back outside beginning Tuesday, April 2nd.

We’re excited to see all the new faces that will be joining our April class. So excited, in fact, we are giving away FREE April enrollment to not one, but TWO lucky winners!!

And you could be one of them!

Enter to win by doing anything or everything on this list:
ONE (1) entry for following BodSchool on Twitter and sending us a tweet to say why you want to win.

ONE (1) entry for every friend that “likes” our Facebook page and leaves a comment saying you referred them.

TWO (2) entries for sharing a link to this post on your own Facebook page. (Leave a comment below to let us know you did!)

That’s it. Simple. You can get at least 4 entries without even leaving your computer! Contest ends at midnight, Friday March 30th. Winner will be announced Saturday.


March Sneak Peek!

These girls are changing their lives and so can you!! Sunday, March 25 from 1-2 PM, BodSchool is hosting a FREE workout open to anyone ages 18 and up!

During the one-hour session, you will meet head trainer Abbi Z. Meadows, make new friends, learn about the benefits of joining BodSchool, and get a great, heart-pumping, fat-burning workout!

Bring your friends and family and meet us at the MAC building in Mitch Park in Edmond. Click here for a map. We will convene near the Parks and Recreation entrance and proceed to our workout location from there.

You will need to bring water to drink, a set of hand weights (5 lbs generally recommended), and a beach towel or yoga mat.

Following the workout, sign-up sheets will be available for enrolling in our April class. When you and a friend sign up together, you both save 10% off tuition!

See you there!

Dirt Don’t Hurt

On Saturday, May 12, the second annual Dirty 30 Race will take place.

The Dirty 30 is a mud run/obstacle course 5k that was created by my friends Vince and Melissa Parker. I ran in the race last year and it was a BLAST!!

The obstacles ranged from a cargo net to a “tire chandelier” to a round hay bale to various mud pits (naturally).

My personal favorite was the vertical climbing wall…hoisting yourself up and over a huge wall using just a rope and your own strength makes you feel fierce!

Speaking of fierce, Chris Barnes shot this pic of me in the last mud pit before the finish line. Check out the other great shots Chris took at last year’s Dirty 30 Race. Awesome!

The best part of this race was running with friends and family. Several members of my Bible study group participated:

And my sisters-in-law Ali and Katie ran as well:

Mud is not normally something I enjoy. 🙂 In fact, some days it even takes a lot for me to get outside! I’m more of a neat, tidy, indoors kinda girl. This race rocked my world, though, and I can’t wait to participate again!

BodSchool is putting together a Dirty 30 group this year. Leave a comment below or send me an email and I can give you a discount code that will save you money on your registration fee. We will be running in the 10 AM wave.

You don’t have to be a current member of BodSchool to run this (or any other) race with us in 2012. The more, the merrier, so join us!!

Girls Who’ve Done It

When you are working to lose weight (whether 10, 20, even 100+ pounds), it helps to know there are others who have gone before you, fought the good fight, and had success.


What’s even more inspiring is when those successful people have REMAINED successful and are still in the {fitness and eating right} trenches every day.


There are many inspiring stories available on the web. Here are just two sites that I highly recommend. These two girls, Andie and Taralynn, have each lost massive amounts of weight…the right way…eating healthy foods and exercising.

Their websites have lots of great tips, recipes, and motivation. Get to know them. You may see bits of yourself in their story.

Why Weight Fluctuates

In general, we humans (women mostly, but men, too!) tend to fixate too much on what the scale says. We use that number to decide whether we are working out hard enough or if we can “afford” to have dessert. Sometimes we even go so far as to allow it to determine our self-worth!!

The only problem is that the scale is very fickle. It doesn’t paint an accurate picture. In fact, it isn’t even consistent throughout the course of a day! Don’t believe me? Weigh yourself every hour for a day. See how many different results you get.

So many {natural} factors cause our weight to fluctuate. Everything from a woman’s monthly cycle to how much sodium has been consumed, what time of day it is, how full the stomach is, how much muscle tissue has grown, how hydrated a person is, etc. Want some specifics? Read this and this and this.

Although BodSchool participants do step on the scale, it is only one tracker we use. Body measurements are taken at the beginning and end of each month so we can see how many inches have been lost.

Inches are more important anyway, as they indicate how much fat has been lost and how much lean muscle has been gained (did you know muscle weighs more? Just another way the scale can’t give us an accurate assessment of how healthy we are!)

We also do several monthly fit tests, including a timed plank hold and 1-minute push-up test to determine how much strength and stamina has been gained.

After all, isn’t health and fitness primarily about how we feel and what we have the energy and strength to do?!

Don’t let some silly scale discourage you from continuing to put in effort with your nutrition and exercise plans. There’s SO much more to you than that number, anyway!