Q & A

Below you will find the answers to many common questions regarding BodSchool:

What is the philosophy behind BodSchool?
I believe being healthy and fit includes many factors: what you eat, how you exercise, hydration, rest, emotional balance, and spirituality. Because your overall success depends on all of these factors, BodSchool focuses on educating and empowering its students to improve each area of their lives. My job is to educate, monitor your form, and encourage you to work hard.

What can I expect from the workouts?
Each BodSchool workout will be one hour long and will consist of a combination of interval training and body-sculpting. Our workouts will be tough and effective. Weights, body resistance, games, competitions, and cardio bursts will all be incorporated at one time or another. You will leave the workouts sweaty but stronger! In addition to your physical improvement, you will also meet new friends and get a break from the daily grind of life.

What if I am a beginner?
BodSchool loves “Freshmen”! All BodSchool exercises can be adapted to any level. The pre-class assessment will give me an idea of your current level of fitness and I will work with you to modify any exercises that may be difficult for you due to a previous illness or injury. Don’t let your fear or lack of experience prevent you from joining us!

Should I eat before coming to class?
Please make sure you are well hydrated before coming to your BodSchool workout. I also suggest eating a 200-300 calorie snack containing carbohydrates and protein 1 hour before class, as that will allow your body sufficient time to digest. Some possible options: a banana with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter; low-fat yogurt and a piece of fruit; oatmeal made with skim milk and fruit; trail mix that includes nuts and fruit.

What kind of support will I receive?
In addition to the support you receive during your workouts, I will email each student individually during the course of their membership. Also, our blog will be updated throughout the week to highlight healthy recipes, workouts, homework, upcoming races, interesting articles, and BodSchool testimonials. I am always available to answer questions as you think of them, too!

How does the FlexPass work?
Our FlexPass option allows you to attend a set number classes within a training period. This option is perfect for those who may have other commitments that prevent them from attending all three weekly sessions. You receive the same challenging workouts and caring support as those who choose Monthly Tuition. FlexPass students are given a dated punch card so they can accurately track their attendance.

What is eClass?
eClass is the online version of our monthly program. Participants will receive exercise routines via email 3 times a week and will be responsible for doing the workouts and reporting back to me once they have completed them. Like our in-town sessions, eClass workouts will use minimal equipment and participants can decide where they exercise: at home, outside, or in a gym!

eClass students will be expected to send me weekly food/drink journals and their beginning and ending assessments and measurements. All training and support will be done via email, phone, the BodSchool blog, and Skype. This option is perfect for people outside the Oklahoma City area who need fresh ideas, support, and accountability to reach their health and fitness goals.

Where do we meet?
BodSchool meets at Mitch Park in Edmond, located on Covell Road between Kelly and Santa Fe. Pull in to the west entrance of the park off Covell, and park near the MAC/Parks & Recreation building. We will generally begin our sessions from this spot. If locations vary, members will be notified in advance.

How much is tuition?
Current pricing is as follows:
Summer Session (15 classes in 5 weeks): $120
Summer Session FlexPass (10 classes within the 5 week session): $100
eClass Summer Session (online version, perfect for out-of-towners): $89
Cash, check, credit and debit cards accepted

What do I need to bring?
You will need a beach towel and/or yoga mat, plenty of water, a set of hand weights (5 lbs generally recommended), and a can-do attitude. Any additional equipment that may be used will be provided.

How will you track my progress?
At the beginning of the program, I will take measurements of each BodSchool student. These measurements will be taken again at the end of the program. Each participant will also complete an “entrance exam” and “final exam” which will track measurables such as BMI, cardio endurance, and upper-body strength. By measuring several variables, everyone is bound to see improvement in multiple areas over the course of the month. Students will also be expected to track their food/drink intake and share their journals with me each week.

How do I get started?
Join us for next month’s class! You can find more information on the Enrollment page. Choose which type of membership you would like and submit your payment. Once you are on the class roster, you will receive an email containing an information sheet and waiver, both of which will need to be filled out, signed, and turned in at your first BodSchool session.